ISO 37001 Certification in singapore

ISO 37001 Certification in singapore

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The worldwide standard for anti-bribery management systems, ISO 37001, was released in 2016. ISO 37001 Certification in Singapore is designed to assist organizations in implementing and maintaining specific measures which assist them in preventing, detecting and addressing bribery across the organization and its business activities. This could include:

  • Bribery activities conducted by the organization.
  • Bribery activities conducted against the organization.

ISO 37001 Consultants in Singapore is applicable to any size organization across the globe regardless of business activities and industry, and can easily be integrated into an existing management system such as ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001 or ISO 44001, using the Annex SL common structure. ISO 37001 Services in Singapore covers a number of controls and procedures that stand for best anti-bribery practices around the world. 

Benefits of ISO 37001 Certification in Singapore:

With ISO 37001 certification, you can do the following to safeguard and maintain the integrity of your company:

  • Allowing outside review of the efficiency of your organization’s anti-bribery procedures and policies.
  • Monitoring and managing risk in your organization’s supply chain in conjunction with stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating compliance to relevant legislation such as the Bribery Act 2010.
  • Ensuring that suppliers, sub-contractors and agents are committed to anti-bribery best practice.
  • Recognize the effects that legal and regulatory obligations have on your business and its clients.
  • Avoid downtime by managing risks, adhering to regulatory requirements, and keeping an eye out for potential security problems in the future.
  • Reduce the risk of bribery occurring in your organization or against your organization and/or employees.
  • The management system helps you to reduce food safety breach investigation time.

Protect your organization with ISO 37001 Certification:

An worldwide  anti-bribery management systems standard called ISO 37001 aims to reduce the danger of bribery along the entire global value chain. By implementing and receiving ISO 37001 certification in Singapore your business will be able to assess bribery risks, put in place appropriate measures, and promote an ethical workplace culture.

How to get ISO 37001 Certification in Singapore?

By looking at all the reasons everyone is getting how the ISO 37001 Certification in Singapore will help anti-bribery management systems  in your organization.

How to get ISO 37001 Consultants Services in Singapore?

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ISO 37001 Certification has many benefits such as it provides a competitive edge, it prevents bribery and corruption, it enhances the trust of the customers and stakeholders.

ISO 37001 certification is a flexible set of guidelines issued for organizations. It is applicable for various kinds of organizations such as large scale organizations, micro and small scale organizations, non-profit organizations and startups.

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ISO 37001 registration is required to prevent bribery in the organization, enhance the awareness of the employees about corruption and enhance the trust of the stakeholders and consumers.

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