ISO 27018 Certification in singapore

ISO 27018 Certification in singapore

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ISO 27018 Certification in Singapore – ISO 27018 is an information security code of practice for cloud service providers who process personally identifiable information for their customers. Extensions to ISO/IEC 27002 and 27001:2013 are included, and they include further security measures. It outlines the privacy standards that must be met and the security control upgrades that cloud service providers must make. It is complementary to ISO 27017:2015, Security Control for Cloud Services, and to ISO 27701:2019, Privacy Information Management, both of which also extend ISO 27001:2013.

In addition to adding 25 additional privacy and security controls, ISO 27018 is an extension to ISO 27001 and offers advice on 16 ISO 27002 controls:

  • The requirement to cooperate with PI controllers
  • The maintenance of PII principals’ rights
  • Compliance with fundamental privacy requirements, such as data minimization and accuracy
  • The principles of transparency and accountability
  • Additional security controls
  • Requirements for sub-contracted processing

Benefits of ISO 27018 Certification in Singapore?

  • ISO 27018 Certification increases customer and stakeholder confidence in your company by giving them more comfort that their personal information is secure.
  • ISO 27018 Certification in Singapore decreases the danger of negative press as a result of data breaches, protecting your brand.
  • Gain a competitive edge over your rivals by ensuring that your personal information is protected to the greatest standard.
  • ISO 27018 Services in Singapore reduces the likelihood of fines for data breaches by ensuring that local requirements are followed.
  • Promotes the expansion of your company by establishing uniform rules for all nations, which makes it simpler to conduct business internationally and establish yourself as a desired supplier.
  • By assisting you in identifying and putting policies in place to reduce the risk of a data breach, you can safeguard your brand’s reputation and ensure that you are in compliance with local laws.
  • With our internationally renowned brand, becoming ISO 27018 certified with LRQA sets you apart from other cloud service providers and proves your dedication to PII protection. These two elements can make it simpler for you to win new business, establish yourself as a trusted supplier, and expand your cloud service business internationally.

How to get ISO 27018 Certification in Singapore?

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ISO 27018 Certification is a globally accepted document that aims to secure the personal information stored in the cloud. ISO 27018 is an extension of ISO 27001 and it is an essential document to secure the data and prevent cyber attacks.

ISO 27018 specifically addresses the requirements of data protection. It magnifies the focus on the securing of personal data within the cloud.

ISO 27018 Implementation provides robust security to the data, along with an improved ability to deal with privacy- related processes like individual consent to use and an actionable framework for the different stages of implementation.

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