ISO 27017 Certification in singapore

ISO 27017 Certification in singapore

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ISO 27017 Certification in SingaporeCode of practice, which is a member of the ISO 27000 family of standards, provides additional information security measures that are tailored to cloud service providers and their clients. ISO 27017 Certification in Singapore makes it clear, what each party must to make cloud services as safe and secure as the rest of an organization’s data. The standard includes seven new cloud controls that cover shared roles and responsibilities, monitoring cloud service activity, aligning the security management of the virtual and cloud network environment, and more. 

Who can apply for ISO 27017 certification in Singapore ?

ISO 27017 Certification in Singapore is relevant to all shapes and sizes of businesses, including for-profit and nonprofit organizations, public and private corporations, and governmental bodies, who process personally identifiable information (PII) for other businesses as part of a cloud computing agreement.

Advantage of ISO 27017 Certification in Singapore: 

  • The data, documents, messages, and actions of your clients and stakeholders are safeguarded by ISO/IEC 27017 in addition to safeguarding your reputation. 
  • ISO 27017 Registration in Singapore reduces operational risk through vulnerability analysis and data breach mitigation, as well as mitigating against regulatory fines and penalties.
  • Gain a competitive edge by becoming certified to ISO/IEC 27017, which validates your dedication to strong IT governance and international information security principles.
  • You may grow your business internationally thanks to ISO/IEC 27017, which outlines the precise relationship, duties, rights, and obligations between cloud service clients and cloud service providers.
  • Your dedication to international information security principles is demonstrated by an unbiased third-party evaluation. Gaining the trust of stakeholders gives you a competitive edge because prospective investors and clients will see you as a trustworthy partner.
 Purpose of ISO 27017 certification in Singapore ?

To create effective security management processes, ISO 27017 highlights the value of communication between businesses of all sizes and their clients. ISO 27017 Implementation in Singapore gives detailed views of the relationship between users and providers of cloud services. It explains in detail what clients can anticipate from their supplier and what data clients should expect from their providers. concerned with the security of the cloud as a whole, not only the cloud service providers themselves.

Providers and customers can expect that all significant information security-related factors are taken into account for the specific service if the standard’s requirements are met.

What is the certification procedure for ISO 27017?

  • Application and quotation
  • Competency analysis: spot skills and competency deficits early on
  • Gap assessment: Gap analysis is used to find any flaws prior to the formal audit.
  • Stage 1 audit: validation of on-track execution
  • Confirmation that the implementation is finished at stage two of the audit
  • Share your success after certification
  • Continuously better – frequent surveillance visits.

How to get ISO 27017 Certification in Singapore?

We have in-depth knowledge of IT security methods and cloud security. An ISO/IEC 27017 certification audit, which includes a gap assessment and benchmarking, will assist you on the road to certification. Regionally, nationally, and internationally, our specialists provide individualized seamless support.

How to get ISO 27017 Consultants in Singapore?

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ISO 27017 Certification makes the organization robust, focused and implements relevant controls for the protection of information in the cloud, magnifies the trust of the clients and stakeholders and enhances the brand value and reputation.

ISO 27017 Certification is a security standard created for cloud computing organizations and clients to make a secure cloud-based environment and reduce the risk of cyber threats.


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