ISO 27014 Certification in singapore

ISO 27014 Certification in singapore

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ISO 27014 Certification in Singapore – ISO 27014 is designed to aid organizations in effectively managing their information security strategies. ISO 27014 standard offers directions on the principles and concepts for information security governance, from which organizations can evaluate, direct, monitor, communicate and assure information security-related practices in the organization. The eleven-page standard comprises a structure of six principles and five procedures and summarizes information technology governance guidelines. The standard sees information technology governance as interacting with IT governance, and all of them are parts of the larger framework of organizational governance. Following the 2013 first edition, a new ISO/IEC 27014:2020 guideline document was published in December 2020.

What is Information Security Governance?

  • The lifetime of rules, controls, and procedures for an organization’s information security is known as information security governance.
  • It ensures that the organization’s information security strategy is in line with its overarching objectives. This gives the governing body knowledge about potential dangers to information security, enabling it to decide on the organization’s strategic goals.
  • A comprehensive approach to information security is provided by information security governance.
  • Putting in place a strong information security governance programmed will help to lower risk, instill confidence in all actions, and stop improper behavior.

Who Should Implement ISO 27014 Certification in Singapore?

ISO/IEC 27014:2020 is targeted for the following audiences:

  • The governing body and top management of an organization.
  • Those accountable for evaluating, directing, and tracking an ISO/IEC 27001-compliant information security management system (ISMS).
  • Those responsible for information security management that takes place inside the framework of governance but outside the scope of an ISO/IEC 27001-based information security management system (ISMS).

Scope and Purpose of ISO 27014 Standard:

ISO 27014 document provides guidelines on information security governance principles, objectives, and procedures that organizations should use to evaluate, direct, monitor, and communicate information security-related processes within the organization. ISO 27014 Certification in Singapore is “suitable for all types and sizes of organizations,” especially those where the ISMS covers the whole organization or just a subset of it, or where a single ISMS extends to several companies. Information security governance done right ensures that it supports and is compatible with business objectives stated in strategies and policies.

How to get ISO 27014 Certification in Singapore?

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By using the concepts and guidelines in ISO/IEC 27014 organizations can evaluate, direct, monitor, and communicate the information security-related activities taking place within the business. It gives the organization structure and improves the organization's awareness and reputation.

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